This too shall pass...

Great!  They are implementing a ticket tracking system for task and project work.  Time to dust off the resume and look for a new job.  Nothing really kills productivity more than having to work with a ticket tracking system to justify your job….

How can I trust you again?  Is what you are telling me now the truth or just more lies to get you through the day?  I thought I could get over all the crap from the past when I took you back but I don’t know if I can now because you don’t do anything to help me get there.  I tell you what I need and you just brush it aside because you can’t be bothered with “that” right now…”you need to focus on you”…   That is BS if you ask me.  Each day that goes by like this I feel myself getting closer and closer to telling you this was a mistake…that I will probably always love you but I just can’t be with you.  Maybe today will be that day…..maybe….


Friday….thank you for finally getting here! Now hopefully i can get through the weekend with no work related phone calls…

I remember having a hard time learning to yo-yo and Addyson picks it up in about 30 mins one afternoon. What gives?

I remember having a hard time learning to yo-yo and Addyson picks it up in about 30 mins one afternoon. What gives?

Got to get to work….

I have got to get back to work on these Rails projects.  I have 3 queued up already and may have an idea for a fourth.  Man, this project management stuff I keep getting stuck with because they can’t find someone worth a crap to hire is killing my productivity!

free or fight

If you love someone but that love is not returned….do you set them free in hopes that they will return or do you fight for them????   That is the question…..and that question has me stumped.


Gotta start working on this site. Ok, first off I need to get rails 3 going and see what is new. Then HTML5. Once I get a good grasp on those then i need to sketch out base functionality and start some coding.

Corporate email

I don’t get the arbitrarily small cap on inbox space for the company I work for. Space is cheap…can’t we up the limits here. And is you’re going to have these limits then stop spammimg me with tons of emails with inline images and attachments that just eat up my space. I get like 300+ emails a day and get over the limit emails after 2 days or so of not cleaning out my email. Ridiculous!


I think 90 percent of the meetings I have to sit through could be accomplished with a single email. And why create a huge PowerPoint slide deck and then make me sit through an hour meeting for you to just read it to me. I can read you know!